Justin DeBernardis, Game Programmer

I’m Justin DeBernardis. I’ve been a graduate of Champlain College’s Game Programming Degree since May 2014. I have been programming for a greater portion of my life, creating video games and wonderful user experiences. My hope is to continue doing what I love and to contribute my expertise at major game studios.


Take a look at some projects I’ve worked on:

I-GameI-GAME (IED Gaming and Modeling Environment) is a government owned training environment for soldiers and facilities. I had the pleasure to assist in the deployment of two versions of the project, one in Unreal Engine 3 and the other in UE4. Read more.

QuetzQuetz is a puzzle-adventure game built in Unity for my senior project in College. Players use a size-manipulation gauntlet to influence the scale of various objects, including the player himself. The puzzles are all based around this concept, mixed with some exploration. Read more.

Unity PrototypeUnity game prototype pitch for fall semester’s Game Production course. Our task was to design and produce a vertical slice of a concept. My team drew inspiration from the Metroid series and decided on a free-roaming first person shooter. Read more.

Allegro Raycast EngineRaycast rendering engine written in C++ for a class project using the Allegro 5 library to do the rendering and window management. Roam around in a small dungeon and fight giant floating skulls with your sword! Read more.

Android GameAndroid game aimed to reduce stress by playing short sessions. It adopts a “connect the dots” strategy and puts it to music. Using audio spectrum data, the orbs in the game scaled to the beat of the song. The larger an orb was when a chain was connected, the more points and time the player is awarded. It is currently unavailable on the play store, but I still have the source.