The Project

A semester long endeavor to create a vertical slice prototype of a design doc. My team consisted of two artists, a designer and myself as programmer. We spent weeks brainstorming and eliminating game ideas and whiteboxing some of the good ones. Despite the worries of a large scope, the team favored developing a free roaming first person shooter pulling inspiration from the Metroid series.

I had to split my time to making a believable AI for the enemies, a first-person experience that was enjoyable and user-friendly, and implementing a companion ship to assist the player. In the end we didn’t get the go-ahead to continue development into the final semester of college. However, when one door closes, a portal to the world of Quetz opens up.


  • First-person controller
    • Head bobbing, player movement
  • Artificial Intelligence for 3 basic enemy types and combinations of multiple types
    • Eel-Shark, Shark-Lamprey, etc
  • Gun types
    • Standard pellet gun and railgun upgrade; bullet movement and collision
  • Ship controls
    • Move command, targeting an enemy, player mount and dismount
  • Aim assist
    • Bullets arc towards enemies when the reticule is close upon firing
  • Lock-on targeting
    • Hold tab centers your reticule on the nearest enemy


Unity 4, C#

Development Period

4 months prototype for Game Production course.


50.43 MB Archive