The Project

The Game Production course at Champlain brings students from all game majors to create a full feature game over two semesters. The first semester has the team creating a vertical slice prototype of a game design doc. My team’s project, Anomaly, did not make the cut. We were absorbed by the Quetz team for the second semester and with our combined talents produced a polished puzzle platformer in Unity.


Unity 4, C#, Javascript

Development Period

Semester long project for Game Production course.


250.67 MB Archive

Sample Code

One of the features in the game is the ability to grab objects in the world and move them around. The code shown below is a component that can be placed on any prefab to allow control during game-play. This would be paired with another script that reacts to the “VALIDATE” and “INVALIDATE” triggers to change the material of the object (turning transparent).

Fun Memories

Transparency selection Whoopsie doodle Up and away roller rimLight armles