The Game Production course at Champlain brings students from all game majors to create a full feature game over two semesters. The first semester has the team creating a vertical slice prototype of a game design doc. My team’s project, Anomaly, did not make the cut. We were absorbed by the Quetz team for the second semester and with our combined talents produced a polished puzzle platformer in Unity.

Allegro Raycaster

Creating a raycast rendering engine and adding some DOOM-style game-play. It might only provide enough playtime for a few minutes if you try hard enough, but it has all the bells and whistles other games feature. Map file parsing, menu systems, input interpreting, sound fx (not shown in video), save states, kill-able enemies with A* pathfinding, and first-person raycast rendering to name a few.


This is Cosmosphere! You play as a colorful low-poly blob and can roll around a small area with a bunch of cosmopheres bouncing in place. The objective is to simply collect more cosmopheres than the AI controlled opponent blob. This is all happening with the thrilling tune of the NES Bubble Bobble theme song playing […]

Assault Cube hack

Two months ago, I took a stab at DLL Injection and blogged about it here. My goal was to implement the equivalent of unlimited health, ammunition, and armor. AssaultCube, an open source cross-platform first person shooter, seemed ideal for the occasion. I already found websites containing public information on hacks targeting AssaultCube and felt that the goal was obtainable within a 7 week implementation period. This post will serve as a basic explanation of achieving the hack described.